Sunday 15 July 2018

7th Sunday after Trinity

10:15 am Rev Phil Summers (Café Style)

Readings for week of 15 July

Sunday Mark 6:14-29 Ps 85 StF 368
Monday Exodus 15:1-21 Ps 104:1-23 StF 89
Tuesday Exodus 16:1-35 Ps 104:24-35 StF 593
Wednesday Exodus 17:1-7 Ps 106:1-8 StF 518
Thursday Exodus 18:13-26 Ps 106:43-48 StF 689
Friday Exodus 19:1-25 Ps 110 StF 686
Saturday Exodus 20:1-17 Ps 111 StF 501
Sunday Mark 6:30-56 Ps 23 StF 324
Monday Luke 8:1-3 Ps 63:1-8 StF 471

Rotas for Sunday 22 July 2018

WorshipMartin Summers
Welcome Jane Hayter
CoffeeSandra & Trevor Owen
FlowersJane Clare
SoundMike Groom
ScreensPhilip Revill
OrganRos Wakefield
GardenTim Hayter


Summer Socials
We hope to hold our usual series of Summer Socials through August - though the first one, here in the church, is a step out of my comfort zone! The first is also the only one on a Thursday - the rest are on Wednesday, but they all begin at 7.00pm.
The full list is:
Thursday 2 August Indoor sports in the church
Wednesday 8 August Rob & Margaret
Wednesday 15 August Graham & Anne-Marie
Wednesday 22 August Alan & Alison
Wednesday 29 August Ann & Philip
Everyone is very welcome to come - or just drop in for part of - any of these Socials.
Help! Please!
Godfrey Marsland writes, On Sunday August 5th I am rostered as  Worship Steward, Sound Operator and Screens plus Sue is on the organ.  Please could anyone help out with my duties because you will appreciate it will be difficult to do them all. Thank you

Wednesday 18 July

7:30 pm Ladies Group

Thursday 19 July

7:00 pm Table Tennis In The Hall

Sunday 22 July

10:15 am Rev Robert Riddell BA (Communion)
6:00 pm Stuart Hobbs at Dryleaze House

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